Service and Loan Fees.

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Services Fees

Money Orders $2.00 each
Official Checks to Member Free
Official Checks to Third Party $3.00 each
Non-member On-us Check Cashing $5.00 each
Stop Payment Order $25.00 each
Photocopy of Check $3.50 each
Copy of Statement $2.00 each
Courtesy Pay Fee $25.00 each
NSF/Overdraft Fee $25.00 each
Overdraft Protection Transfer Free
Dormant Account Fee $5.00
Returned Check $10.00 each
Counter Checks $4.00 per page
Research $45.00 per hour
Outgoing Wire(Domestic) $15.00 each
Outgoing Wire(International) $55.00 each
Incoming Wire $10.00 each

Loan Fees

Loan Application Fee $25.00
Loan Refinance Fee $25.00
Loan Reprocessing Fee $25.00