Surcharge Free ATMs

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Have heard about Allpoint and MoneyPass Surcharge Free ATMs?

These networks offer various benefits to credit union members by providing access to thousands of ATMs without any additional charges.  Allpoint and MoneyPass are two separate ATM networks that partner with financial institutions around the country, including the WVU Credit Union. By joining these networks, credit union members gain access to a vast number of ATMs nationwide, reducing the hassle of finding a fee-free ATM when traveling or simply when away from their home branch.

Allpoint offers over 55,000 ATMs in various retail locations such as convenience stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets. This creates a convenient and easily accessible network for credit union members. MoneyPass, on the other hand, provides access to over 40,000 ATMs, primarily located in regional and national banks and credit unions. Both networks have a strong presence nationwide, making it highly likely that there is a fee-free ATM nearby no matter where you are.

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The primary benefit of using Allpoint and MoneyPass Surcharge Free ATMs is that credit union members can avoid paying additional fees when withdrawing cash. Typically, when using an out-of-network ATM, customers must pay a surcharge fee imposed by the ATM owner, in addition to any fees charged by their own financial institution. This can quickly add up, resulting in unnecessary charges for something as simple as accessing your own money. By using ATMs within the Allpoint and MoneyPass networks, WVU Credit Union members eliminate the surcharge fee altogether.

While some other financial institutions offer fee-reimbursement programs, where they refund surcharge fees at the end of each month, the WVU Credit Union’s partnership with these networks eliminates the fees upfront, saving their members money in the long run. To take advantage of the Allpoint and MoneyPass Surcharge Free ATMs, WVU Credit Union members can simply look for the logos of these networks displayed on ATMs. These logos are visible on the screens of participating ATMs, as well as on the ATM itself.

Additionally, you can use our Branch and ATM Locator to locate nearby surcharge-free ATMs.

Ensuring the availability of fee-free ATMs is just one of the many ways that the WVU Credit Union prioritizes the financial well-being of its members. By partnering with Allpoint and MoneyPass, they offer convenience, accessibility, and savings to their members, whether they are close to home or traveling. The extensive networks of fee-free ATMs nationwide save customers from unnecessary surcharge fees, ultimately improving their financial well-being. So next time you need cash, remember to look for the Allpoint and MoneyPass logos and enjoy the convenience of accessing your money without extra charges.